Saturday, July 29, 2006

Justin returns

I was surprised to look up from my stretching this morning and see Justin, stretching out across the dojang from me. I went across to greet him and welcome him back.

He's been in France for the last month travelling with friends and staying with French families.

A month is a wonderful amount of time to spend in a foreign country. If you're there that long--and living with natives, as Justin was--the country becomes a little bit of "home," not so foreign. You have somewhere to park your toothbrush, is how I described my long-term stays abroad.

"So did you spend the whole time speaking French?" I asked.

"About two weeks of it," he said.

I peppered him with questions, but I really would like to hear more about the trip--with some visuals like a map and some photos! Having been in that situation before, I know it's hard to answer the question "how was your trip?" in a polite 2-3 sentences that most people want.

And here's the annoying thing: after 4 weeks of not doing TKD--or much of anything, according to Justin himself, he still did the best across-the-floor moves of anyone there! Natural athelete, I thought to myself. And it doesn't hurt to be 18.


Amanda said...

What happened with this blog? Did you quit taekwondo?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, nevermind, my browser was not loading the newest dates....