Friday, July 07, 2006


Yesterday I swam. Today, I did nothing exercise-ish. My ankle is feeling OK. A bit tender but OK. I'm hoping it will be fine for class tomorrow.

Ms. Pryor told us that she suffered a major injury to her knee early in her study of TKD. She also has a joint-punishing job in which she has to stand on concrete. "We wear safety shoes," she said. "Still--that's terrible for your joints," I replied.

I guess most people have to work around various injuries or handicaps, especially those of us over the age of . . . oh, say 35. If it's not ankles or knees, it's rotator cuffs or lower back troubles or plantar fascitis. Some people plow ahead regardless; some find ways to work around weaknesses. I think I'd be the second.

We'll see how I hold up Saturday.

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