Thursday, July 06, 2006

1 1/2 feet

Maybe it was that rough noodle hockey game the other day, but my right ankle is feeling sore. It reminds me of the time this past spring when I had that inflamed bursa.

I didn't really realize it was bothering me, so I went to class Wednesday, as I planned, and didn't even really notice it until Brian and I started going through the forms.

"You OK?" he asked when I stopped to rub my ankle.

"My ankle's bothering me," I said, and I think that was the first time I really knew it hurt. You can go around most of the day ignoring something like that, but once you have to jump and stand in a horse stance, you notice.

I kept going, though. But through the whole class, I felt distracted by it, unable to really concentrate because I was thinking about favoring that foot.

Getting an injury is one thing. When I had that inflamed bursa, I just took a week off and did the healing things: tight bandage, effluerage massage, ibuprofen. And then I was back.

But I don't like the idea that the injury can come back to haunt me later. So now I have to be careful playing noodle hockey?

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Miss Chris said...

Ah, the nagging injury. Don't you hate that? I would love to go to karate for a couple months straight without some injury (new or old) popping up. I'm still out with knee pain. I'm taking it on a week-by-week basis. I know what you mean when you say injuries can haunt you. Don't they always come back when you least expect it? And usually when doing something easy.