Thursday, June 01, 2006


"We do not remember days; we remember moments."

Are you . . . ?
"Are you one of the teachers here?"

I'm getting ready for class over near the edge of the dojang when one of the parents speaks to me.

"I'm not a teacher," I say to the older man who's sitting in one of the folding chairs. "Would you like me to get one of the teachers for you?"

"Well, I just had a question about that student oath that the kids take . . . "

I listen to him, and it turns out he feels that he had been disrespected by one of the young students waiting for a ride outside the dojang.

"I'll let the teacher know about it," I tell him.

Ms. Pryor says she'll have a word with Master Hughes. "Kids just need to be reminded," I say. She nods.

Anyone here . . . ?

"Anyone here not want to sweat today?" Ms. Pryor asks us once we're lined up. "Because today's going to be a workout where we sweat!"

It's hot in here and I'm already sweating . . .

Do you really . . . ?

"Do you really take ballet?" asks Jessie. We're working on some simple sparring techniques and 10-year-old junior black-belt Jessie is my partner.

"Yes, I do," I tell her.

"Do you do this?" she asks. She holds her arms above her head in a circle, the icon for ballerina.

"Yup," I say. I show her the correct way to do 5th position in relevé.

Then I show her how to spot when doing turning kicks. She says she hates turning kicks. "It's a ballet trick," I say. "Look at your target, and as you turn, make sure your eyes get back to the target before your kick does." She does it, and does an excellent reverse hook kick.

Anyone want to . . . ?
We've just finished some simple tumbling, wonderfully fun somersaults that go right into a jump front snap kick. Then we do cartwheels. I've forgotten how fun this is to do!

Ms. Pryor is stacking up a pile of pads in front of one of the mats.

"Anyone want to do a diving somersault over this?"

No way.

But it's fun to watch Justin and Brian A. do it! I wish I had my camera!

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Good luck in your recital on Sunday, TKD Mom!

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