Thursday, June 08, 2006

Exercise or Exertion

I was going to exercise today--my plan was to swim at the Y.

But I ran out of energy. I used it on a chore instead.

Summer, when the kids are home, is my time for doing Big Chores. My teaching/freelance schedule means that I have a very flexible and light work schedule in summer. So I postpone the big stuff until now.

Today's chore: staining the deck.

I'd washed it yesterday, so I just needed to put down the Thompson's Water Seal. I did it with rollers, a small one for the railings and picnic table, a big one for the floor of the deck. Much faster than a brush, which is what I used before.

Still, at 5 p.m. when Bruce arrived home, I was immobile on the couch, unable to get up and go to the Y for a swim!

I remember reading once that exercise was different--and better for you--than just plain old physical exertion (cleaning house, painting, staining the deck). Something about it being more relaxing and focused on making one stronger. The idea was that even if you are physically active in your day, you should also be sure to get some real, recreational exercise--sustained cardio, or weights, or stretching, etc.

Still, I don't know how people with jobs that require lots of physical exertion can manage to exercise TOO.

I'm putting off the swim until tomorrow when Bruce comes home for lunch. And no deck-staining tomorrow (I'm all done!).

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