Tuesday, June 06, 2006


After a week of rehearsals and thinking about ballet most of the time, I'm feeling very ballet-ish. I said to Brian that I just have to get back into the TKD mode. My next promotional test is this Saturday.

Sometimes I wonder if doing both ballet and TKD at the level at which I'm doing them is a bit too much. Recently I've been feeling stretched in both classes, like I'm keeping up, but just barely.

Of course, I don't really mind that feeling, too much. There's something exciting and invigorating about learning something new. And I like the way I often see how martial arts and ballet parallel one another in some ways. Still, I wonder if I could do better in one or the other if I dropped one.

I'm not ready to drop either one yet.

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Miss Chris said...

I like your post. I'm a mom who takes karate and have an 8 year old daughter who also takes karate. It seems as though it has taken over our lives but we really love doing it. It's nice to know there is someone else out there who is living the life too. Check out my blog if you'd like.