Monday, June 12, 2006

Dateline: Door County

Hello blog-readers. I'm writing to you from a little laptop in the greatroom of a beautiful lodge in Door County Wisconsin. Here's the lodge from the outside.

When I arrived, I thought maybe I was at Edoras (LOTR fans, notice that roofline!)

And here's the shore of Lake Michigan.

I'm here for a faculty workshop--I'm actually part of the group leading the workshop. So I'm trading my taekwondomom hat for my professor hat for a while. But we do have wireless internet, so I hope to post on my blog now and then.

And I may even do a bit of TKD while I'm here!


cim said...

hurrah for forty-something tae kwan do moms! it's good to know there are like-minded women out there putting on gear every week to spar with other crazy women, men and teenagers. I saw your posts and your description and i had to say hello (as a 40 something tae kwan do, ex-dance, ex-college instructor, current yoga student and Minnesotan taking class with her husband and 6-year old)

Anonymous said...

What a great picture of you doing a sidekick perched on the rock!
You should display that in your office and "wow" your students and colleagues -
Kicker Chick