Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Forms in the sand

First full day of the faculty workshop. Problem with these things: lots of sitting and talking and thinking. Lots of eating (great food here). Very little exercise!

I tried to remedy this by doing some ballet and TKD during a break in the workshop. Worked through Suki's extended ballet warmup and some TKD stretches. Then moved outside to do my forms.

Forms are kind of an indoor thing. Doing them outside is . . . different. Underfoot was grass and sandy soil that squished under my bare toes. The four walls of the dojang were missing (which way am I facing? Toward the flags?). The beautiful view of Lake Michigan, the sounds of the waves, and the soft breeze threatened to distract me. Still, it was fun!

I finished up my workout with a brisk 45-minute hike through the woods. I was rewarded with the sighting of a little grove of wildflowers I've never seen before: Yellow Lady's Slippers! That's the flower at the top of this post.

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