Monday, May 08, 2006

Weapons and Friends

Some people seem to love weapons. Here's Robbie at the Faire.

There were lots of people selling "real" swords. Most had signs saying people under 18 couldn't look without supervision. So I stood at one booth while Robbie randomly but enthusiastically handled every one of the weapons there! ("Mom. Look at this one." "Mom. Isn't this cool?" "Mom. Can I get this one, please?")

I wasn't interested in the swords, but found his interest amusing!

I saw a surprising number of people I knew at the Faire.
--Mindy from TKD, who sat with me at the first martial arts demo,
--Mr. Schmidt and two of his daughters. They haven't been to TKD in a while--there's a new baby at home. Mr. Schmidt had a great costume, though.
--Mike from ballet and his wife. Mike did get a costume!
--Karen and her family. Robbie was glad to see Karen's son, Eric. They had a sword fight--perhaps that's the way 11-year-olds greet each other.
--Mr. Houtz and his family were over watching the afternoon martial arts demo. Mr. Houtz was my first TKD teacher, who hasn't been at the school recently. He said he also found bo interesting and would like to learn it. I was very glad to see him and update him on my TKD progress.

I made sure to get a photo of our little group before we left.

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