Monday, May 08, 2006


Things that are counterintuitive:
1. Greeting blackbelts at class. My intuition is to greet people I know and people who look lonely or in need of greeting!
2. Moving toward an attacker for a self-defense move. I pointed this out to Ms. Pryor yesterday and to Master Hughes today. But, as Ms. Pryor said, we are stronger closer to our own bodies, especially women. So moving in is necessary sometimes--even when the object is to get away.
3. Working on my form alone. I'd much rather work with someone. When Brian is away, like he was this evening, I'm at a loss before class when we're supposed to be working on forms. It just seems, well, counterintuitive to work on a form all alone. Luckily Brittany was in class this evening, and wanted me to work with her on Palgwe 5. We worked on forms together.

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TKD Rocker said...

As to the moving towards your attacker during self-defense, you don't want to necessarily move forward or backward, but more "off-line", so your attacker's momentum goes past you, not right towards you. We usually step a little back and offline if we are practicing blocking a punch or something, but if your attacker has a knife, you should definitely step in, not out. There's a much higher chance of getting cut if you step back, and by stepping in you have a greater chance of getting control of the knife. Just my two cents. Have a great day!