Tuesday, May 16, 2006

TKD and ballet

I want to thank you, dear blog readers, for all your comments--here, by email, and in person, about how I might deal with Jason. I've gotten a wide variety of suggestions. All of them show that you care about the situation and about my safety! I think I'll take Kicker Chick's advice, and perhaps Justin will also help at class. Thank you all.

No TKD today. But odd things happened in ballet: some good, some not good.

The pirouette muse was smiling upon me. I could go around smoothly on one leg (that's a pirouette!), even did a double (well, more like 1 1/2.)

Not So Good
When it came to tour jetés, I just was having all sorts of trouble. Unlike pirouettes, they don't usually give me trouble!

In a tour jeté,you leap, one leg in front, and switch directions--and legs--in mid-air. Very fun, usually. TKDRocker, you'll like this if you take ballet! It's sort of like a tornado kick.

By the time we were practicing our recital piece, I had a major tour jeté block going.

Does this ever happen to any of you--in whatever activity you enjoy? You know you can do something, but one day you just can't?

I figure I'll be able to do it next time. Just like pirouettes today!

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