Saturday, May 13, 2006


Is it possible to refuse to spar with a fellow student?

I got clocked again--in the nose--by Jason. This is the 2nd time it's happened, and he hits hard! I saw stars for quite a while and my eyes watered. After that, I had a headache and my vision wasn't right for about 20 minutes.

I suppose I should have blocked it.

Problem with sparring 13-year-old boys: they have poor control (this is supposed to be light-to-no contact). They flail gangly legs around which makes it very hard to see where they'll hit. They think it's cool to hit hard. They are probably suffering testosterone poisoning.

Jason was a bit sorry he got me in the face, but was mostly gloating after we started back up and he got a few points off me (no surprise).

Someone bigger than me needs to teach that lad a lesson.

I recovered enough after sparring to participate in a rousing couple games of noodle hockey, scoring one (or was it two?) after catching a pass from Justin.

"We're a good team. I think we should go pro," I told him.

"You were offsides," said Brian, whacking me with his noodle.

Offsides? "I was just tired." Yes, I whacked him back.

John and Dillon were impressed, even though our team lost. "Let's fire everyone but Jane," one of them said. "She scored."

Moms rule.

In general, a good workout with lots of stretching, some work on slow and fast kicks (adagio and petit allegro, as we'd call it in ballet). Justin led class for the first time in a while (that I've been there). I hope he has enough energy to enjoy his prom tonight with Chelsea!

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Anonymous said...

Personally, I think YOU should be the one to teach him a lesson. Mess with The Mom, you see stars.

Little Bro