Friday, May 12, 2006

Ballet and TKD

Maybe some of you have read TKDRocker's blog recently. She's thinking about taking ballet! This is what she says:

At my voice lesson yesterday, I was informed that I should look into taking a ballet class. I plan to go to college for musical theatre, and to do that, I have to be able to dance . . . I want to improve my chances of getting into a musical theatre program, but that would mean cutting back on TKD. Its a decision that I'm struggling with, but I think that I will look into taking a basic ballet class, just to give me a good base in dancing. TKDmom, any advice on this? How does your ballet affect your TKD, and vice versa?

Cutting back on one (beloved) activity to make room for another--now that's a difficult decision!

This question--how does ballet affect my TKD and vice versa--made me think. I've been taking ballet and other kinds of dance longer than TKD, so it's a bit hard to say. But I think that being a dancer has helped me with balance, flexibilty, and quickness. I'm also used to learning combinations of movements. Plus, when you dance, you often need to move with a partner, which helps in sparring.

I told TKDRocker to let me know about her decision about taking ballet. I want to know what it's like going the other direction--from TKD to ballet! I'm sure that her background in martial arts will help be useful when she dances or does theatre!

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