Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I think we actually did surprise Justin yesterday evening. When he came into the restaurant with his mom and Master Hughes, there we were: a whole table of TKD friends shouting "happy birthday."

"Didn't you notice our cars out there?" someone asked.

He had, but hadn't made much of it. "I just thought 'there's Ms. Pryor's car, and there's Brian's,'" he told us.

(He didn't see my car because Robbie, who joined me at the party (he thinks Justin is cool), insisted that we needed to park the car elsewhere. "He'll see the car and know we're there!")

It was an enjoyable celebration with cards, gifts, and lottery tickets for Justin, good food and laughter and conversation for all. An 18th birthday is an important one and Justin is a great guy; I think all of us TKD friends were glad to be part of the celebration.

Justin's mom took pictures--I hope to get copies and post them soon!

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