Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Blog connections

One thing I love about having this blog is that it keeps me connected with people--family, friends here in town, and friends from far away.

This week I even heard from my Japanese son, Hiroshi, who says he reads my blog over at Waseda University in Tokyo! Here he is with a friend.

You readers had no idea I had a 23-year-old Japanese son, did you? Our family "adopted" him a few years ago when he was spending a year studying at our college. We loved having him over at our house--besides being lively company for me and the guys, he liked to cook for us and even taught me how to make awesome Chinese dumplings!

I've also enjoyed staying in touch with friends I've made through this blog. Kicker Chick posted some encouraging words to me after the most recent test. I appreciate that, and yes, I am going to work harder before that next test!

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