Thursday, April 20, 2006

Super Duper

A group of students from our school are going to a workshop this weekend run by Bill "Superfoot" Wallace. Apparently, this guy is a martial arts superstar. Why is his foot "super"? Because it "has been clocked at 60 mph." Fast kicking is this guy's game. And apparently he's had to contend with a nasty injury to his right leg, so he uses his left leg.

I had mixed feelings about the workshop. I knew I couldn't go because Bruce is out of town this weekend. So I'm sorry not to be part of the small group going. They plan to have a meal with Superfoot. I would want to know more about his upcoming trip to Scotland to celebrate the 700th anniversary of his namesake William Wallace's execution (the Braveheart guy). (You can read about this story on the link above.)

But when it comes right down to it, I'm not sure a 4-hour workshop on kicking techniques is quite what I'm looking for. I'm not really interested in going to the tournament that's coming up next weekend, either.

So what am I looking for?

Maybe another one of Ms. Pryor's workshops like she had last fall. It was a Friday evening class, and we worked on step-sparring and self-defense. I would also love to just get some tutoring from her on sparring.

Maybe a workshop run by Martial Arts for Peace--to learn about conflict resolution and how to help children deal with bullies.

Maybe a workshop on the one weapon I want to learn: staff.

Maybe a workshop JUST for women in martial arts! That would be fun.

I don't know about any opportunities like these coming up. At least I haven't heard.

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Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of your class -- I think it would be kind of neat to meet Superfoot Wallace (although I commiserate about the time commitment on the weekend). Also, as an FYI, Superfoot's website has very good prices on TKD uniforms.

Do you get the FitTV Channel? Just recently, on Thursday nights at 9:00 p.m. (Central), I've caught this show called "Deadly Arts." It's hosted by a woman named Josette Normandeau, who is a black belt from Canada. She travels to India and Japan and Thailand, etc. to study the regional martial art from some of their original practioners. Very interesting.
Kicker Chick