Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Noodle Hockey

Have I told you about noodle hockey?

It's a new game we've been playing at TKD. Way more fun than TKD tag.

Master Hughes brings out a bag full of swim noodles and a large nerf ball. We get into two teams, and play hockey, using the floppy swim noodles to try to knock the ball into a goal.

We played last night and I was very sorry I didn't have my camera! It's a hoot to play (and watch) with everyone scrambling for the ball and swinging the noodles like crazy. We laugh and yell and cheer on our team.

I guess we do it for the exercise (it's a nice cardio workout) but it's also just fun to do something crazy like that with a group--laughing together and being a team together is a great way to feel closer with classmates.

The only part I didn't like was choosing up sides.

"This reminds me of school," I told Brittany, who was standing near me as James and Chelsea chose up sides. "I was always chosen last."

"I'm always chosen last, too," said Brittany, who is in 6th grade.

Brittany was chosen last at TKD hockey, too. I wished I'd been a captain--I'd have chosen her earlier. But Master Hughes saw her standing there and, before James could call her name, he called "Brittany, hon, you're with us!" I hope his enthusiasm made her feel better about being chosen last.

P.S. I added a picture to yesterday's post. Take a look!

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