Wednesday, March 22, 2006


So is this a pathetic board or what?

A few months ago our school started using these boards as a way for everyone to keep track of how much work they'd put in before each test. The idea was that each week, you'd go through all the moves on the board, and have a black belt initial it to show you've practiced all the forms you know, plus your new kick, stances, 3&1 steps, etc. By the time a test rolls around, your board is supposed to have initials for each week of classes between that test and the one before.

As you can see, I'm way behind.

Reasons for this:
1. We were in London for a week +. I missed class then.
2. The water ski team has been arriving at our dojang right after class on Monday. After class is when I usually go through my forms for black belts. I've been unable to do this.
3. It's hard to be a martial artist and a mom.

This last reason is hard to write and to acknowledge. I am the taekwondomom, of course. But I'm not sure that tae kwon do and mom really go together, at least not for me, at least not right now.

When I started TKD, I was doing it with my children, so it was part of our family time and not a burden on them or on Bruce. But now, I'm doing it alone. Every night when I go over is a night when I'm not sitting at the family dinner table and hanging out with my guys in the evening. I don't really mind, as I hang out with them after school, but I think it's hard on them.

I could go over early, as some of my classmates remind me :-) But that's hard for me--I need to get supper started (it seems like it's my night to cook Mondays) plus I like to chat with Bruce for a bit when he gets home (5:20 or later) and by the time I get out the door it's 5:45.

We probably all have to struggle to make sure we have time for the things we love. Being a parent or a worker or a student--all those things kind of get in the way of being an artist of any kind. That's not really so pathetic; just frustrating sometimes.

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