Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Official Dance Debut . . .

It's official. Mike and I will be dancing in the Ballet Academy recital in June!

Suki has even found some fun music for us, "After Midnight" from the Chicago soundtrack. You can listen to a clip if you search for the soundtrack on

None of our other adult ballet classmates will be able to make it, so it'll be a pas de deux.

The music starts out quietly with some simple (but fun) piano music. So we'll start our piece with some simple ballet choreography. As it goes along, it becomes more jazzy, so we'll be able to do some ballroom moves and jazzy choreography. Suki said "It has a good story-line." I agree, and I like the idea of blending jazz with ballet for our number. I studied jazz and modern dance when I was in high school and college, and I enjoyed it. Plus, it's not as serious as ballet can be!

And here's something cool: we'll be dancing at the Paramount Theatre downtown, a beautiful, 100-plus-year-old theatre where our symphony usually plays! Wow!

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