Friday, February 24, 2006

An upcoming trip

One week from today, I won't be here at this computer.

I'll be on my way to London with my family.

We're taking our spring break to go and visit my sister and her family, who are living there this year (and last), teaching at an American school.

I'm looking forward to the trip, of course. It's been a while since I've been to London--I was a chaparone on a month-long college trip to London back in '93. And in the summers of '88 and '89, I taught at a boarding school/summer camp outside of London, near Windsor. But I haven't been back since then--didn't really want to go back until I could bring my guys with me. And now I am.

So we'll be gone for a week--Saturday to Saturday. I'll try to post from overseas at least once, with some kind of martial arts report (swords? castles? knights? I don't know!)

But for now, I'm anticipating the trip, going over plans of what to visit, considering what to pack, getting together our passports, walking shoes, umbrellas, and notebooks. (Of course we're all going to keep travel journals!) And while I'm getting everything ready, I'm also wondering what the week-long absence will mean for my various activities.

I'll miss 2 ballet classes, just one week. But as I noticed this week, one week of absence means a lot. And I'll miss Sat., Mon., Sat. for TKD. That's a good deal of training. Luckily, the next test isn't until April. Still, I promised Brian I would practice my new form, Chung(Joong?)-Gun in the apartment where we're staying. And maybe I'll see what I can find out about TKD in the UK!

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Anonymous said...

One of my favorite lines from a movie comes from "84 Charing Cross Road" -- ever see it? With Ann Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins - wonderful movie.
Ann Bancroft's character is an eccentric American television script writer who carries on a decades-long correspondence with Anthony Hopkins' character (a book seller)in London, and she longs to visit England. She says that when she finally gets to visit England, she's "going to go looking for the England of English literature."

Of course, exploring a British TKD studio would be a completely different kind of fun, too! Enjoy!
Kicker Chick