Monday, January 23, 2006

Wish I'd gotten my camera out . . .

. . . because at the end of class, while people were milling about getting boards signed, practicing forms, and chatting, there were lots of crazy things happening. Upside down activities like:

Justin doing one of his handstands. ("Break a board now," I said. "Don't encourage him," said Cavio.)

James doing a tripod (then Justin, too)

Brian A. doing some crazy stunt of getting into a handstand on a chair, then jumping off.

"I can't do a handspring, but I can do the worm," said James.

"Really? Let me see," I replied.

So he did. He looked like a break dancer.

Nice to have a place where people can try out all kinds of physical stunts, and where others can appreciate them!

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