Monday, January 23, 2006

Curiosity and Openness

Today, I decided just to ask Master Hughes about the rumors we've heard about Ms. Pryor. After class, I found him in the office and just asked him if he knew about these rumors.

Apparently, they have some basis in fact. He told me that Ms. Pryor had said she would quit, but Master Hughes thinks it's mostly because they had a personal falling-out. He seems to hope she'll come back to our school, and he seems to be pretty optimistic that she will. They're good friends, apart from everything else, and they both love tae kwon do. That has to count for something.

Then the phone rang.

"There she is now," he said to me. It's one of those cell-phones that you can program with different rings for your different friends.

"Tell her 'hi' from me," I replied and turned to go.

"Jane says 'hi'," Master Hughes said into the phone. "Here you can talk to her." He handed me the phone.


I didn't know if she remembered me, but I took the opportunity to tell her how much we all missed her and how we couldn't wait until she got back. She seemed moved. "I miss you guys, too," she said.

That's all I wanted to do. To find out the truth, or as much as I could of the truth, and to get a message to Ms. Pryor that we all miss her and want her back. We'll see what happens from here.

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