Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy Birthday, Blog!

Exactly one year ago, on January 3, 2005, I began this blog. It's now one year old!

Happy Birthday, Blog!

When I began writing the Tae Kwon Do Mom blog, I thought of it as a place to draft a book.

But somewhere along the line, I decided that the blog itself is a satisfying and exciting piece of writing on its own. I'm not even sure if this story needs to be a book. Maybe it makes a better blog!

Keeping this blog, I have . . .
. . . made a (pretty involved) record of my experiences, observations, and thoughts about TKD.
. . . given family and friends a place to read about what I'm up to, at least in one aspect of my life.
. . . gotten a lot of writing practice. Blogger says I've posted 265 entries in the last year.
. . . had a chance to experiment with different writing styles and techniques, from storytelling to dialogue to description to book reviews, etc. etc.
. . . been able to combine my love of journal keeping with my desire to reach others through these frequent essay-like, column-like, story-like posts.
. . . heard from other writers, martial artists, friends, and family. Thanks for your comments, emails, and conversations!
. . . become more familiar with certain aspects of e-writing, digital photo manipulation, and internet-using.
. . . given myself a focus for my questions and reflections.
. . . found a focus for my passions: writing, learning, moving, and connecting with others.

Someday this may become some sort of book. My friend Steve sent article about "blooks," you guessed it, books made from blogs. There are, apparently, several sites which help bloggers create POD (print on demand) books out of their blogs, lulu.com, for example. Maybe my Mom and Dad would like a copy someday . . . if I ever deem this project "done!"

Still, right now, this blog itself is a great adventure for me. I hope you've been enjoying it, too! If you do, please let me know! (This blog no longer allows anonymous posts, so if you post, be sure to register with Blogger! It's easy. And maybe you'll decide to start a blog!)

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Kicker Chick said...

Happy Birthday TKD Mom!!
Thanks for a year of interesting, funny and insightful posts!