Monday, January 02, 2006

Back to the dojang

It's good to be back at the dojang again. I kick off my shoes, hang up my coat, and change into my uniform. There's a small crowd working out--maybe some people are taking this federal holiday off.

Everyone I greet says similar things: how glad they are to be back, and how they worry they've forgotten a lot! Pam says she and her family took the week off; both Brians went to the "mini-tournament" which was also sparsely attended. I didn't hear how they did.

One thing makes me happy: I remember my new form. I'm finding Palgwe 5 easier to learn than, oh, say, my last 3 forms. This one seems to make sense, once I got those scissors blocks down. Brian and I run through it and then work backwards through the others. I get stuck somewhere around Do San. Kevin joins us at some point: his memory for forms and the 3 & 1 steps is amazing!

"I need a brain transplant," I joke. "You just need to think about them," says Kevin. "Even when I'm just sitting around, I go over them in my head."

Yeah. That's what I used to do when I was dancing regularly and had to learn half a dozen new dances a year. But that was ONE dance at a time!

Master Hughes has us all do our forms at one time, and he gives suggestions to just about everyone after it's over. This amazes me: that he can be watching everyone closely enough during that chaos to notice what each person does!

We do a little combination-kicking exercise next. I decide to partner up with Jamie. She has a black eye!

"What happened to your eye?" I ask.

"It happened during wrestling," she replies.

"Wrestling?! Are you a wrestler?"


"Jamie! That is so cool! I've only known one woman wrestler before. She was a student of mine and about my size. So are you the only girl wrestling at your school?"


I will have to talk with her sometime about what got her interested in wrestling.

After class (and after we sing Happy Birthday to 12-year-old Dylan), people drift away saying "see you Wednesday." I don't usually come on Wednesday, and I'm feeling a bit reluctant to leave. Seems like it'll be a long time until Saturday, my next all-belts class. . . So I get my board signed, listen to Master Hughes talk about a possible upcoming trip to Chinatown in Chicago, and wonder if there's someone around to work on 3 & 1 steps with me.

I look around for Brian, and see him at the other side of the dojang, getting sparring gear on. So is Justin. Well, I'd like to watch that match. Seems like even watching sparring can give one new ideas.

The match is fun to watch. I'm watching both of them, trying to figure out each person's style . . . and how I might counter it next time I'm fighting one of those guys!

Another workout time?
So I'm wondering if I might be able to work out sometime during the day, while the kids are in school--especially this week when there's no ballet, but even in the future. I don't want to come another evening as I'll be teaching Tuesday evenings, so I'll be away from home 2-3 evenings in a row.

That's not an issue with most of the adults, since they come with their families, or at least their children. But since it's just me, I don't really want to be away that much!

I suppose I could work out at home, but it's so much more satisfying and useful to work out with at least one other person. I wonder if Ms. Pryor would like to work out with me--she's been working 2nd shift and can't come to classes. If a few of us could meet with her at an odd time, it might be worth it for her! Maybe on Saturday, I'll ask Master Hughes.

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