Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Did you ever wonder why ballerinas always have their hair like this?

Yesterday at Ballet Class
Suki: "Jane, you're closing your eyes when you do your pique turns."

Jane: "No, I'm spotting that wall." [I point to the wall in front of me]

Suki: "As you come around, though, you're closing your eyes. I think it's because of your hair. The end of your ponytail is going in your eyes when you come around."

My hair
I don't put my hair up in a bun for class. It's too wavy and thick to do it easily, so I do the lazy thing and just put it in a ponytail. After class, though, Suki showed me how to pin it up.

"It will stay out of your eyes when you turn and it will help your balance. The higher you get that bun, the better it will be. It won't throw you off balance when you turn."

Well, I never thought of that!

My new resolution for ballet: try the bunhead.

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RunningCoyote said...

I wish I could put my hair in a bun, but i keep chopping it off so i can spike it!!!! See you Sunday if you go skating Im still debating wether I want to go