Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Minor medical

This martial artist-in-training had a bit of a scare last month at the doctor's. It happened at the weigh-in and measuring.

"So, five-two and a half?" asked the nurse, jotting a note on my chart.

"Five-two and a half? No! I'm five-three!"

I stayed right there and had her measure me again. I stood up very straight.

"Well, I can get five two and three-quarters."

I was not satisfied, but the nurse moved me on to the examining room. "You can ask the doctor about it. Maybe you're shrinking," she said.


The doctor thought that due to some risk factors (my small bones, my mom having osteoporosis) I should consider having a test to check the density of my bones. Apparently, some people (mostly women, lose bone density as they get older. Those with small frames are at higher risk.

I had the test today. The news was not too bad. My bone density is borderline OK. I mean right on the border.

"Just keep doing what you're doing," said the nurse. "Take extra calcium and keep getting weight-bearing exercise." I thought about asking her for a scrip so I could consider my ballet and TKD classes prescription . . . maybe I could get Blue Cross to pay for them!

I had been a bit worried about this bone thing for a bit. When I get to be a brown belt, I'll have to do arm and hand techniques to break boards. I thought that if my bones were getting brittle, I might have to quit. But now I'm reassured . . . sort of. I do wish my bones were better than "borderline." I'll have to be sure to do every single break with the best technique.

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