Tuesday, December 20, 2005

High Blue

This is what a high blue belt looks like.

Yep. Just like a low blue belt but with a bit of black tape near the end.

Still, it seems somewhat significant as it's the last belt before the brown belt. The brown belt seems like a serious belt to me. Sometimes I can't believe I've gotten this far.

I've begun to learn what I need to know to be a high blue belt:

Our new form is Palgwe 5. I went through the entire form on Saturday with Shawn helping me, but found I didn't remember much last night except the first few moves, and those were tricky. They include a "scissors block" where one hand blocks clockwise from the top and the other blocks clockwise from the bottom as you step back with one foot. Or both counterclockwise if you step back with the other foot. Yikes.

"This one's hard," said Master Hughes. He came over twice to work with me and Brian on the first part. Since I'd worked on it Saturday, I was the one to help Brian this time. Still, I think it'll take a while for both of us to get that one down.

After class, Justin showed me the new kick, a hooking kick. "It's my favorite kick for sparring," he said. I practiced a few times and it seems like it will be useful for sparring. You kick out sideways and then quickly bend your knee, hooking your foot around to hit your sparring partner's head (usually). I'm not sure how I'll get enough power to break a board with it.

Class wasn't too strenuous, so I looked for an after-class sparring partner. I was feeling the need to move! Justin said he'd stay. That's when he showed me the hooking kick. We sparred a bit and showed each other our favorite sparring combinations, but mostly stood there in our gear, talking. But that was OK, too.


TKD Rocker said...

Hook kick is definitely my favorite kick as well, though I've only used it in sparring a couple of times. I think that breaking with a hook kick is a lot easier than using it in sparring, as its hard to focus on your timing and getting the kick high enough, while having to worry about your opponent as well; I prefer more simple kicks for sparring. But my favorite kick to break with at the moment is 360 hook kick. Good luck learning your new form, and Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Wow TKD Mom . . . it seems like just yesterday when you were a lowly, little white belt!:)
This might seems strange since I only know you through your blog, but I'm actually proud of you! It's always nice to have another "sister" in the testosterone-dominated martial arts.
Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Kicker Chick