Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Lovely Evening

Master Hughes talked about the TKD family at our test; Monday, our "family" got together for a bit of sledding. There was no all-belts class, and Robbie had pointed out that "you haven't gone sledding with us yet this winter, Mom." So I proposed a sledding outing and invited people from TKD, too. It seemed perfect: good exercise, being with friends, and a chance for adults to indulge the inner sledding-loving child!

I was glad when we got to the hill and saw lots of our TKD friends. It was a beautiful evening, and we all enjoyed each others' company.

Of course I forgot my camera--this is beginning to be a theme! Instead I wrote up a little description to post on our dojang's blog. I considered whether I should post it here--and decided to do it, even though it's only loosely connected with TKD in general. It certainly gives a picture of how we enjoy each others' company even outside class.

No TKD class last night, so I (Jane) proposed a sledding party at a local park. It was a great example of the wider TKD family having fun together. If I'd had a camera (I forgot it!), I'd have taken pictures of:

Matthew and Brian going down the hill together, fast, as we came up. We dive out of the way.

Kevin giving his kids, Ashley and Tommy, a mighty push in their sled.

Justin, pusued by Alissa and Stephanie, diving onto a sled and careening down the hill.

The girls, in hot pursuit, jumping into another sled and heading down after him. (I'd have to have sound with that picture, as they screamed loudly each time they went down!)

Eli asking me "can we go home?" each time he went up the hill, but then turning around and gleefully going back down (lying on his tummy on the little inner tube sled) each time he got to the top.

Robbie flying down on the big inner tube time after time.

Derek trying to go down the hill standing up on a plastic toboggan.

Matt helping me pull Eli up the hill in the plastic toboggan.

The adults lounging in the snow at the top of the hill, chatting aimiably.

A big snowball fight among the teenagers, with Robbie, Derek, and Eli joining in.

Everyone shouting "bye!"

Maybe we can do this again sometime!

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