Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Didn't take any photos . . .

. . . so I'm just going to have to give you virtual photos. You need to use your imagination for these!

(I know how much photos add to a blog, but when I'm doing TKD, I'm really not thinking about photographing TKD! Sorry. I'll have to rely on my writing.)

Note: I had trouble posting this last night! Hope you enjoy it now!

Photo #1: That's me skidding into class, almost late. Bruce got back from work about 30 mintues later than usual, so I got a late start from home. I'm putting my stuff in its usual spot before lining up.

Photo #2: No, the class is not facing the front of the dojang in this photo. As you can see, we're facing the mirrors. Ms. Pryor wants us to look at our horse stance as we do our middle punches. She's trying to get us into a nice low horse stance. This is quite tiring on the thighs.

Photo #3: Me doing Chun Jee with eyes closed, my least favorite thing to do. I can see from the photo that I'm off a bit already, standing and punching ever-so-slightly at an angle. Oh well, I end up OK, and I don't punch Brian, who's standing next to me, so that's OK.

Photo #4: Me doing a slow motion side-kick. As you can see, I like working on balance! Ms. Pryor is having us do slow kicks across the floor. I'm behind Justin, challenging myself to do my kicks as slowly and precisely as he does. He's got good balance!

Photo #5: We're working on our forms. Someone took a photo exactly when Brian and I get off our counts. I really prefer to do forms in unison, so I'm waiting for him to catch up, but he actually has to move out of someone's way first!

Photo #6: I'm working on 3-step sparring with Jessica, an 8-year-old junior BB. The kids don't know the 3-steps, so I'm having to teach her--in this photo, I'm reminding her that the first block is with the left hand.

Photo #7: Ms. Pryor likes the end-of-class calesthenics deal, too, and she has us do a battery of sit ups, push-ups, etc. etc. Ugh.

Photo #8: Brian and I excel at our form, Yul-Gok, after class! Look at how we're exactly in sync with our front kicks.

Photo #9: Brian A. is helping me with white belt 3-step sparring #4. I think I finally get that one, which has a throw. Here, you can see Brian showing me how the left hand grabs the attacker's wrist overhand, the right grabs the attackers' elbow and twists down and toward your waist.. Down he goes.

Photo #10: Brian A., Justin, and I chatting in the middle of the empty dojang. It's a comfortable and rambling conversation, going from bands to hair to crazy jobs to instant messaging to divorce to TKD. I enjoy their company and am surprised when I realize that it's getting late and we're the only ones there!

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LOVED the virtual photos!
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