Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Calesthenics for the uninspired

When I tell people I do calesthenics just about every day, the inevitable response is: "I would never have the discipline to do that."

Hey, I don't really, either!

But I have found that there are two ways to be disciplined even when you're not feeling disciplined.

1. Make the activity part of an already-established routine
2. Set the bar low. Real low.

How do I do this?

1. I make calesthenics part of my daily routine. Here it is (it's a morning routine): put on anti-perspirant. While it dries, do calesthenics. I get a tiny workout, and I avoid those white streaks on my clothing.

2. The bar is really low for me. Do I do 50 sit ups a day? 50 push ups? No, I do not. I do:
--10 push ups, girl style (I'm a girl. Duh.)
--10 crunches, looking at the ceiling.
--10 "lateral" crunches, legs to one side, then legs to the other side
--10 crunches, looking at knees
--stretch it out!

That's it. Takes less than 5 minutes.

Maybe I'd be in better shape if I did 50 of each. But probably not. Because if I knew I had to do 50, I probably wouldn't do them at all.

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