Friday, November 18, 2005

Black Belt Photo Op?

At class on Monday, Master Hughes told us a bit about his trip to Costa Rica. He'd visited a TKD school down there, and had a chance to watch classes and talk with instructors.

He also was able to show off our school's new on-line photo album, a blog I set up here on blogspot, Hughes TKD Picture Album. He was glad to have pictures of us to show off to his central American colleagues, and I was pleased that he shared it!

"But there aren't any pictures of me on it!" he announced.

That got me thinking.

We need pictures of Master Hughes on our photoblog. He's a 7th Dan Black belt and national forms champion!

But how and when would we get pictures of him DOING Tae Kwon Do? He's usually busy teaching.

Here was my idea: I would love for our school to have a black belt demonstration sometime, when we can see all our blackbelts, including Master Hughes, working out at their best: doing forms, sparring, breaking. Brian A. could bring his camera to take photos, and I could post the photos to our blog.

A black belt demo would be instructive and inspirational to those of us who are moving through the ranks in Tae Kwon Do. Sometimes you hit a plateau and wonder if you should keep going. Seeing what blackbelts can do might inspire and educate us about what new things we'll learn and perfect.

Also, I think it would be good for the blackbelts. They don't test as often--maybe once a year? Less than that for higher Dans. A demo would give them a performance opportunity to work toward. Maybe there could even be some kind of reward for participating.

Tournament season starts pretty soon; a demo would give blackbelts a chance to practice for tournaments.

I wonder what others think of this. Do other schools offer this opportunity? Would black belts be interested? Would this be fun or at least satisfying for them to do? Would those of us lower in rank show up? (I would!)

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