Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Ballet + TKD = a good idea

I got a bit of ribbing Monday because I was wearing my legwarmers again.

I don't care. I like them!

In ballet, we wear these to help get our muscles warm when the studio's cold. We also do the gentle stretching and isometrics of barre exercises before we do major stretching. In fact, only after we've broken a sweat do we work on jumps and big stretches.

In TKD, we don't have barre. Most of the movements are strenuous from the beginning. So I think it's especially important to make sure one's muscles are warm, especially if one is . . . over 30, say.

I highly recommend these leg warmers to anyone who'd like to start your martial arts class with warm muscles, even during the cold winter months! Slip these on under your uniform and yank them off once you get warm. You can get them in many different colors; the least expensive ones come in black, white, or pink. My favorite source is Discount Dance Supply, where you can order item #5400, 27" leg warmers for only $8.95. And their delivery is fast!

I'm going to order some in white to go under my TKD uniform. If anyone from my school would like me to order you a pair, let me know :-)

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