Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tonight at the dojang, I . . . .

1. Talked to Justin. He'd been in a tournament over the weekend run by Master Hughes's old teacher, Master Jung. It was a very big tournament, apparently, with lots of competitors. Justin showed me his knuckles, swollen from an unsuccesssful break attempt. Still, he did very well, bringing back a first place in forms and just barely missing the Grand Champion.

2. Watched the boys learn something new. Master Hughes had them learning how to take care of a jukdo, the bamboo practice sword. They were doing something with the string that holds the swords together.

3. Practiced my forms, backwards from Palgwe 4. I wished I'd had someone to help me, but no one was there. But it was good just to practice them.

4. Felt proud of Robbie. Robbie really loves the sword, and it shows in his hard work and focus in class. He looks good swinging it--he seems to have the strikes learned pretty well. Master Hughes says he's ready to test for his yellow belt!

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