Monday, October 10, 2005


Responses to my test day tattoo:

Robbie: You have TWO tattoos, Mom.
TKDMom: Yep. That's the yin-yang and the symbol for joy.
Robbie: I need a new one. Is there one that says "destruction"?

Brian: You have a tattoo again!
TKDMom: Yep.
Brian: I bet it says "nerd."
TKDMom: Well then it would be very appropriate for me, wouldn't it!

TKDMom: Matthew, do you want a tattoo? I have a bunch of them.
Matthew: No!
Brian: Aw, come on Matthew! She could give you one.
Matthew: Only if you get one, Dad!
Brian: No thanks. I'd be afraid she'd give me one that says "nerd."

Brian A.: Did you go and get yourself a tattoo?
TKDMom: It's not a real one. If it was a real one, I'd have to have the same one all the time.
Brian A.: Good point!

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