Saturday, October 01, 2005

Not at class

I didn't go to class today. I was otherwise occupied.

The students at the college asked me to be a Homecoming Parade Judge. I was honored and amused. So I went. Eli joined me as assistant judge.

Here I am with some colleagues, in a very judicial pose.

The float that gave us the bribe won.

They would have won even without the bribe. Really.

Bruce and Robbie came up, along with Robbie's friend Derek. It was a beautiful day for a parade, cookout, and football game. I take Robbie and Derek to the game after the parade. They watched the game intermittantly, eating candy from the parade and occasionally leaving the stands to run around in a nearby field.

I stayed in the stands and tried to concentrate. I'm actually not a big fan of sports. In fact, I am a terrible football-game-watcher. I have this tendency to space out as I'm staring at the field.

I wonder if their feet get tired from standing there, I think. Or I wonder which ones are my students. They all look the same with that gear on.

However, this time, I looked up at one point to see one of my students, Nate--who is number 88 and a WR, which I guess means Wide Receiver--catch the ball and make a good run with it. I stood up and yelled "Go Nate!" I felt like a real fan, at least for one moment.

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