Sunday, October 02, 2005

"I like that story, Mom. . .

. . . about how when you kicked the heavy bag and it went ka-creak ka-creak. That was funny."

Says Eli.

The story, as I told it to Eli and Robbie:

We're working on flying side kicks Wednesday, and Master Hughes has all the adults line up to do them with the heavy bag while he holds the pad for the children.

So I'm watching the others do their kicks. Mr. Wasson first. He runs, he jumps, he kicks, and the whole bag and frame shudder with a huge KA-WHACKA-BOOM-rattle-rattle.

Jim goes, and the same thing. KA-WHACKA-BOOM-rattle rattle. Jim has to stand there for a while holding the bag so it stops moving. Others run and jump. The heavy bag swings and rattles, its frame practically coming off the floor with some of those kicks.

My turn. I love this kick, and I'm good at it. I run, I jump, I kick, I hit the bag.

Ka-Creak. Ka-Creak. The bag swings gently with the weight of my kick . . . Mindy yells out to me "That was cute!"



Maybe I'll have seconds on ice cream tonight.

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