Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dancer on drugs

Got tired of being ill today, so I took a Sudafed and went to ballet class.

They make Meth out of Pseudoephedrine (Sudafed). I wonder if the buzz is similar to a Sudafed buzz.

Some things in ballet don't work so well when you've got a cold and have taken medication. Stretching for one--my joints felt a bit stiff. Also anything where the head is tipped back or hanging was a bit much. I had trouble doing the port-de-bras to the front ("Top of the head facing the floor! Kiss your knees!" says Suki) and the ones to the back.

Some things, though, work amazingly well. Perhaps because of the "no worries" Sudafed buzz, I was able to do pirouettes better than I've done in a while! Also, the petit allegro, where you need to think with your body and not your brain--that went very well. When your head is in a bit of a fog, your brain doesn't get in the way of your dancing.

So feeling a bit spacy from the cold and/or the med got me through class. Enjoyably.

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