Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Now I'm curious

Bonnie drove Jacob and Robbie to Kum Do class tonight, which gave me a chance to do the grocery shopping. But when they came back, I kinda wish I'd gone.

Mr. Carter, who'd taught the class last year, came back to teach tonight. Apparently, he was a wonderful teacher, patient and firm and with great teaching ideas. Robbie loved it, and Bonnie was so amazed she talked to me about the class for quite a while.

So now I want to see Mr. Carter teach! I've seen him around the dojang, but I've never seen him teach. Apparently he has a black belt both in TKD (2nd dan, or maybe more) and Kum Do.

I'd asked about Kum Do on Karateforums.com and have gotten all sorts of info. It's sometimes spelled kumdo or chumdo--that's why I've had trouble finding out much about it on the web. Also, some of the commenters said they make their own swords for children's classes:

For younger students instead of using pipe insulator I've used Pool noodles, and that works great. Can beat the tar out of each other and not get hurt. Same idea, stick a pvc pipe down the hole in the middle, but leave a handle on the end for them to hold on to.

Sounds cool to me! I'd like to try that!

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