Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Got my mojo back

And sparring went just fine last night at all-belts. Don't know what made me feel comfortable doing it again.

Of course, there was the usual drop-in-the-stomach feeling when Justin (the teacher last night) said "get your pads on." But once I had them on and was lined up, I felt OK.

I started against Brian, and maybe the good-natured teasing I get from him (and give back) helped a bit. He's fun to spar, but tough, too. He's strong, big, and has those long legs--hard to get close to him. Still, I managed to do OK--I think.

I also sparred one of those young, higher-belt teen-aged boys. I was a bit worried at first. Usually they don'thave much control, and I've been kicked by them before. But Matt (I think that's his name) was just gangly last night, all long arms and legs going this way and that. I managed to score on him quite a lot. Maybe that helped my self-confidence.

After class (Justin did that business with pushups and situps at the end again), I asked Brian and Brian if they'd be in some photos. I wanted to have photos of the Three-step sparring moves to put up on our dojang's photoblog. The Brians obliged. I hope they had as much fun doing it as I did!

No trip to the dojang tonight; Jacob's mom will take the boys!

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