Saturday, September 10, 2005


It's one of those "I"m not sure I'm cut out for this" days.

When I get out of TKD all belts class today, I'm exhausted, sweaty, and discouraged. I'm thinking: Why am I spending a hot day kicking imaginary and real opponents, doing push ups, and getting kicked until the sweat is running down my back?

Today I'm having a hard time answering that question.

We had 3-step sparring practice today. It was extremely frustrating. Three-steps are simple combinations of blocks and strikes that you practice with an opponent. They're kind of like sparring forms that you memorize.

I learned some of the 3-steps, at least #1-5, from Mr. Houtz last spring. I was getting pretty good at them under his patient teaching. But I haven't done them since then--we never practice them in all-belts. Until today, when we were informed that it will later become part of our tests.

I found I didn't remember them at all.

Some looked familiar after Justin (our teacher today) demonstrated them, but there were a couple I just couldn't do, even with coaching from Justin. I felt like a total klutz.

Then regular sparring. I did OK, scoring-wise, but once again got totally winded--by the last match-up, I could barely get my kicks up. Justin, forgetting that not everyone's a 17 year old boy with that kind of strength and energy, ended the class with push-ups and sit-ups. Usually I breeze through those, but after that class, I was toast.

I don't know. I thought I was in pretty good shape. Maybe not. But I don't have time (or energy or desire) to get in another workout per week . . .

And plus, my wrist got hurt at some point. I have ice on it now.

I guess everyone has days like this.

You know, before I started TKD, my Saturday exercise was lap-swimming at the Y. In nice cool water. With no one kicking me. And no sweat. In an hour and a half, I'd have exercised, showered, dried my hair and been ready to go. . . today that sounds inviting.


Anonymous said...

I hear you TKD Mom --
Somedays, after a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is go to TKD class. And usually I go and feel great afterward. Other days, I feel dull, slow and like the "old lady" of the class. I finally realized it was alright to take a day off from TKD -- and to do some other activity or just to enjoy a late summer evening with my husband. Kicker Chick

G said...

I went through a similar phase recently with my Krav Maga training.

I had been going 3 times a week, which, for the distance I drive to class (30 miles each way), is quite tiring just with the driving alone. I began to lose my desire to go, so I took a mini break.

I found that the mini break (let's be clear it was only a week and a half) was just what I needed to get myself back on track.

I have found that my sparring has improved immensely and more importantly, I *want* to go again. Even when I'm not really feeling up to the training, I push myself to go and usually thank myself afterwards.