Monday, September 12, 2005

Blogs, bloggers, and blogging, part 1

In the past week, I've heard of several new blogs that I've bookmarked. Seems like lots of people out there are finding the satisfaction in writing and being read!

Today I'd like to tell you about Justin's blog.

Yes, that's THE Justin I've written about on my site--the Justin at my TKD school. He's a young black belt whose ability and maturity have always impressed me. Plus my boys think he's cool, especially the way he can stand on his hands and break a board! I hope Justin will post a picture of that soon. I have volunteered my digital camera for the task.

You might enjoy reading Justin's blog as it will give you a view of life at our TKD school--from a different perspective--his view of Saturday's class was certainly different from mine!

Blogging is a very satisfying art--at least I find it to be. When I started, I thought of this blog as a kind of place to take notes for a future book, a memoir about learning martial arts.

But now, I'm not so sure about the book. I think that the blog is much more satisfying, more immediate, and more multi-genre (I love taking pictures and including links) than a book, and probably much less hassle than writing and revising a book manuscript!

Maybe there are others of you out there thinking of starting a blog. When I was starting, I got inspiration from a few articles I found about blogs. I love Writing the Living Web especially. OK, part of why I love it is that metaphor: the living web--cool! Makes me feel like I'm part of an ecosystem, not some writing/computer nerd!

Anyway, it has some inspiring advice and simple tips for writing. If you're writing or thinking of writing a blog, you might enjoy it.

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