Saturday, August 06, 2005

Stance troubles.

"You were leaning back in your back stance for the C-block."

I'm working on my form during All-belts, and a black belt, Jason, wanders by with that observation.

"Am I?" I had no idea. I was just feeling like I knew this form, but if my back stance isn't right, the form isn't right. (The guy in the picture above has his backstance right--he's doing it with a a double middle knife hands guarding block.)

I move into my C-block, trying hard not to lean back over my back leg.

Is this better?" I ask. "And can you watch me to see if I do it again?"

Jason watches me as I carefully execute my form, really concentrating on my back stance. He points out that I'm doing it fine to the left, but I'm leaning back when I do it to the right.

"Look at this foot," he says, pointing to the foot in front. "Your heel's supposed to be lined up with the back heel."

Later, Ms. Pryor corrects me on the same thing. Geez. You' d think I'd be doing this right by this time. I think I learned how to do a back stance on, what, my first day in Tae Kwon Do class?

She shows me and Aimee that we need to practice at the mirror, watching to see if our feet ar positioned properly. We get encouragement, too.

"Your forms look good, girls," Ms. Pryor says to me and Amy. OK. If she says it looks good, I must be doing OK.

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Purechristianithink said...

It looks like fun--I found your blog mentioned in the latest alumni mag of our anonymous midwestern liberal arts college. :)
Schnicklfritz and Schmuzel would be proud of your efforts.