Sunday, August 28, 2005

Everyone's Mom?

I must have some child-attracting scent when I got to TKD.

"Hi Jane!" says Michelle when I go into the changing room. She likes to chatter about things her family is doing.

Raidon has told me a number of times that he'll help me with my form. I remember quite distinctly a time when he and Michelle practically kidnapped me after class to teach me a form.

Patrick likes to stop me and ask about my boys or tell me how far he's gotten.

Miriam comes up to me, even during class, and meows. My response? "Hi little kitty!" and I pet her a few times.

Even Miriam's older brother, Arik, a recent black belt, wanted to chat. He turned to me during breaking with some advice for breaking with my hands. "You have to strengthen your hands," he said. "I play piano. Is that enough?" I ask. "No. You need to exercise with those rubber balls," he advised.

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