Monday, July 25, 2005

No Boards

I'd hoped to get some boards for my Cleveland TKD demonstration at all-belts this evening. But there weren't any.

I guess if I want to do any breaking, I'll have to hope my brother can cut me up some 10 inch pieces of 1 x12 . . . :-)

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Anonymous said...

Some quick thoughts on breaking:
It is easy and inexpensive to get a piece of 1x12 from your local Home Depot or lumbar yard, and cut it up into breaking boards. My husband will usually get two or three lengths and cut a stack for me to have on hand. As the boards age and get drier, they are (relatively)easier to break. I have a re-breakable board, but I rarely use it . . . like real wood better.
Regardng your "breaking demo," I'm sure you know by now that the person who holds the board during breaking is as important as the person breaking the board. If the board is not being held firmly with the holder in a good front-stance, the board will not break because the force of the strike will be dissipated. Moreover, a board that is not held firm will hurt your hands/feet, and potentially the holder. So, if you're going to break with a non-martial artist, instruct them on proper form and holding. Alternatively, you may avoid a novice holder altogether by seting-up your breaking boards between two upright cinder blocks and breaking with a palm strike or axe kick. Either way, your family will be totally impressed!
Kicker Chick