Sunday, June 26, 2005

She stops whining

I'll stop whining about how hard it is to remember forms I learned for earlier promotional exams. Here's my Low Threshold Application for form maintanance (LTA means it doesn't require much extra work and will produce good results).

Instead of chatting and doing yoga before class starts, I'll warm up with old Palgwe and ITF forms.

OK. Maybe after I chat and stretch a bit.

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Anonymous said...

Hi TKD Mom --

I think you've addressed the issue of "muscle memory" before. Practicing all of your forms on a regular basis will help your muscles remember the form (even if your brain is having a "middle-age moment"!)
I usually start with my current form, and then do each lower belt form in descending order. If there's enough time, I will then reverse the process and do each form from lowest belt to highest.
Also, occasionally have an instructor watch you do your lower belt forms and offer points for fine tuning them, e.g foot placement, squared shoulders, posture, etc. Just beause you learned a form sufficiently to pass your belt test doesn't mean that you've perfected it, and you don't want to carry over bad habits as you rise in rank.
And you're right, forms are a great warm-up!
Kicker Chick