Saturday, June 25, 2005

First Row

I was in the front row at All-Belts class today! (We line up by rank; the highest ranks go in front.)

OK. There were only 2 1/4 rows.

But I was later asked to do Palgwe 1, and I had to go to the side because I did not remember it.

Well, geez. We never practice those old forms. What am I supposed to do, practice it at home?

Of course the answer is Yes. I am just not that dedicated, though! It seems to me that being a good martial artist is kind of like having a web site (or so I gather). Making it is the easy part . . . maintaining them, now that's where it gets hard. Just like maintaing forms.

Still, workout was fun. Aimee and Heidi were back. Aimee said that our new form Won Hyo made here feel "like a klutz." I agree; it's an awkward form, but I'm getting used to it. I like that feeling of getting better at something, and the the feeling of moving and working out in TKD.

Our new white belts broke for the first time today. There was much applause.

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