Saturday, June 18, 2005

New forms

After my odd dream last night, I'm wary when I go to all-belts. But when I get there, I see Master Hughes and Ms. Pryor, both. They briefly talk and smile as Master Hughes leaves, carrying a suit on a hanger. Something still feels awkward to me, but I'm somewhat reassured.

Only about 15 people are there, and Ms. Pryor leads us. We warm up with some grueling kicking exercises, then get right to learning our new forms.

"Jane, can you help Frank with Do San?" Ms. Pryor asks.

"Sure," I reply.

I'm honored to be teaching a form. I help Frank go through the moves of my most recnet form. Then Nancy helps me learn my new form, which, as usual, seems impossible. They always do at first. Nancy and I agree that it was Chun Jee, the very first and simplest form, that was the most difficult to learn.

Then we work on our new kicks. I want to work on my (awful) wheel kick, but Ms. Pryor tells me I need to learn the new one, a jump reverse kick. I practice over and over into a bag, feeling klutzy and weak.

"OK. Everyone come get a board," says Ms. Pryor.


Yup. She has us break with our new kicks! It takes me 3 tries, but I get the jump reverse kick break! I would guess that teaching technique is for building self-confidence. Doug Sr., a white belt dad, breaks with a step side kick. Applause.

"Hey Doug, was that your first break?" I ask.


We applaud again.

After class, two children, Michelle and Raidon, come up to me. They want to help me with my form.

"OK guys!" I say. "I need help."

They busily show me how to do the moves, one on each side. They must love to be the teacher for a change.

Class ends, and I feel a bit better about things. Still, I wonder if we'll ever hear the story about test day from Master Hughes or Ms. Pryor.

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