Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Advice and Reflections on Taking Breaks

I love For me, someone who a)has lots of questions, and b) loves to write, it's a great place to be part of a grand conversation about martial arts.

I've had lots of good, thoughtful responses to the question I posed about taking a break from TKD. Most of it's not about TKD, really, but about good parenting.

I asked if it would be a good idea for my kids to take a break from TKD since they've clearly either lost or misplaced interest. Here are some excerpts from people's responses:

I have gone through this with my kids. I don't think that there is one answer, and that no answer is right or wrong. Each kid is different.

I know how much a person can gain from studying the martial arts and it is frustrating to see students lose interest when I know what the prize is, but you can't make them see it, they have to see it for themselves; and when it deteriorates into a battle at home and in the dojang it is counter-productive. My hope for them is that they regain their interest and return to reap the benefits. I always leave the door open.

The 'worst' thing you can do, is say, "You've got to take the class."
Forcing the kid to take the class, is not a way to 'encourage them to have FUN'...

It wouldn't hurt to have a heart to heart talk WITH them about TKD... kind of try to guage WHAT their true intentions/wishes are...
If they want to pass on classes for a bit... and would rather just 'occasionally run through their forms' informally to 'keep in good TKD shape'... that'd be great right there.

TKD 'should' be a WELCOME companion for life... not a 'chore' we force on ourselves or on kids.

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