Friday, May 06, 2005

Eye of the Writer

So another class ended on Wednesday and I hadn't taken any pictures.

This keeps happening, as you might have noticed.

I really think the pictures add a lot to my blog, but it's been difficult for me to take them. During class, I'm kind of busy just keeping up. Plus, it would seem weird for me to stop working out and go to get my camera, kind of like I'm some kind of voyeur.

In a way, I guess I am a kind of voyeur. Aren't all essayists? We live life, but we watch it at the same time. Or maybe, we live life, and then after we live it, we replay it in our minds and watch it.

That's what I do anyway. Before I write these columns, I think about the day: think about what's been important about it, or what has created some dramatic tension--something I read, something someone said to me, some aspect of class. I recreate that moment in my mind, and sometimes on the blog for you to read. Often I write my reflections on it. I guess essayists are all voyeurs of their own lives.

But I still want to get in more pictures for you loyal readers of my blog! I think I'll try taking some pictures before class. The children don't mind; in fact, they like it. Especially mine!

The teachers don't know I'm doing a blog--and I'm not sure I want to publicize this to them, as I've said before. "It's for Grandma and Grandpa," is my usual excuse, and of course it is, because my Mom and Dad do read this blog.

So I promise I'll try to get more pictures soon! And this summer, I'm going to figure out how to do more with movies!

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