Monday, May 02, 2005

Black Belt?

My dad sent this message after I posted that entry about Eli and his teachers:

I am very impressed at how the Master has gotten Eli to participate.
I'm sure that this will help him at school and other places. I'm also
impressed at your work. When do you plan to get your black belt??

That last sentence made me think.

My boys talk about belt levels and becoming a black belt a lot. Master Hughes asks brown belts if they know when they'll test for black belt--the idea is that if you're serious about it, you'll have planned it out at that stage.

To be honest, I haven't really thought about it before now. It's not that I don't want a black belt. Or that I do! I just have enough to think about with learning all I'm learning--the forms, the kicks, the moves, how to spar, a bit about the language, the next move of Do San [on Saturday, I completely blanked when we were doing our forms in front of the black belt! I did the first two moves to left and right and then . . . nothing. Luckily, Chelsea was watching me and she came out on the floor to get me started again. I wonder why that happens]

So now I think: will I get my black belt?

Well, maybe I will. I've enjoyed the learning so far. It might be something that will help me in my life as I get older. It would kind of be cool to know that much, be able to do that much, and it would really make a cool contrast to my outward appearance!

So the answer to the question "when do you plan to get your black belt?" is "I'm not really planning, but if I keep going, it would probably be spring of 2007."

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